Been busy working on the next version of Darts the past week and making some good progress. I have been switching between different parts of the game code and mostly been working on the speech engine and the menu system.

    The speech engine is coming along nicely. English commentry is mostly finished and German is added but not 100% correct as yet because I havent spoke German since I left school 10 years ago 🙂 French and Spanish language text is in the game and the speech will be added when I can get some help with making the actual word samples (its loads numbers and sentances in WAV format joined together to make the commentry). A few people have asked what the speech sounds like so heres a sample of the English speech, clickhereto download (WAV format). As mentioned above I have also been working on the menu system. If you have seen any of my previous efforts the menus are rubbish so I am aiming to make Darts a bit more professional looking. At the end of this update are two screenshots showing the Language Select and Main Menu screens, the little Dartboard icon in the top left rotates and the menu option information text scrolls across the screen (in your chosen language of course). The background photo also changes every few seconds and the menus also have some nice music playing now :)Finally onto the actual game itself 🙂 Three new game types have been added in addition to the ‘Standard’ darts game, they are:Round The Clock,WimbledonandBaseball. These will beavailable to play as Practice or two player (possibly more than two player in future). CPU opponents are planned but this is a lot of work so it may be written last. Also the feedback on the first release on how easy it is to aim and throw the dart has been taken note of, the next release will be different with a new ‘Drunken Dart’ routine and also a Power Guage which controls the horizontal aiming.

I think thats everything thats been worked on since the last WIP update, so check out the images I posted atGP32Emu.