Dear Wraggster, Webmaster and News Thief at DCEmu,

I’ve been silent for a while now and were watching your actions. We at PDRoms are still very happy that you like our quality service and use OUR news for YOUR SITE without CREDITS, most of the time. We would prefer that you give FULL and PROPER credits for every single news post. Not only if you “borrow” things from PDRoms.

If you think news fall off a tree like leaves, you are wrong. We are investigating a lot of time and energy. The least you can do, is giving proper credits.

The following is of interest:
BlobbDS v0.5 – This release from last week was found by Kojote yesterday. Interestingly no other page was reporting about this, but DCEmu did today. How comes you did not find it earlier on your own? Where are the credits?
Totitoes Version 1.5 – same goes for Totitoes, PDRoms were posting about it first, where are the credits?
Eigenmath DS – is even one month old? You were not able to find it on your own in this time? But you post it a day after it was on PDRoms, without credits?

Luckily I am already banned on DCemu, because I pointed out what you are doing in the public. This is how you act on criticsm. You are a plain professional lad, many people love you.

Go and earn shitloads of money with your banners and product palcements. You better not pretend to be a supporter of the homebrew scene, you do things for your own personal profit and to reach this, you ignore sources and misuse others work. Just go and accumulate more news from other sources, because most of us know, you can not create own content anymore.

This is not only what I (Kojote) say, many other of your “former” friends from Consolevision, whom you also banned from your network think the same.

Someone has to speak it out and I just did.