Dear Wraggster,

If you are supposed to get “inspiration” from my page, I would appreciate proper and full credits for EVERY news item. This also applies if you get “inspiration” from other places such as for the recent releases at GPAIN, etc… If 90% of the homebrew webmasters can give proper credits, you should learn this too.

A year ago you were fighting with others to stop misuse of homebrew, these days you are misusing homebrew on your own. You better go back to your honest roots.

Don’t pretend to help homebrewers, simply because
* Hotlinking pictures is stealing – you wont help anyone with this -> bandwith stealing!
* Not giving proper credits is stealing.
* 75% of your news are “borrowed” all over the net or are “rewrites” in your own words, which is stealing again.
* A page having such a bad combination of picture advertising and text advertising, combined with the shitload of affilation codes – what did you effectivly put back into the scene? Just don’t tell it just covers your plain costs.

Everyone with eyes in his head can see this… your page is plain commercial, you have become plain commercial – this is what you never wanted to be. Congrats!

– Kojote