Just few hours ago myself, Kojote/PDRoms, wrote an article about how to extend the iPhones gaming function using gpSPhone. Now Wraggster shameless steals this idea, without giving credits where due. The original article is here: http://www.pdroms.de/news/7352/

Here is his post as you can find it per 05:05 20.11.2007 on dcemu.co.uk:

November 20th, 2007, 04:12 Posted By: wraggster

ZodTTDs excellent GBA Emulator for the Apple iPhone/itouch has opened the door to GBA Homebrew and more importantly in this newspost emulators of other systems

The following emulators for the Gameboy Advance should all be playable on the GBA Emulator for the iPhone, from arcade games to Atari2600 and even Snes games will work via these emulators.

Amstrad CPC
Black Tiger
Greenboy Attack
Punchout GBA RGBArcade
Space Invadors
Atari 2600
BBC Micro
Chip 8
Game Gear
PCE Engine
Sega Master System
Sharp X1
Texas Instruments 83
Watara Supervision

All can be found for download at GBA Emulation

To mention that GBA Emulation is a part of Wraggsters own Network, at least my article gave the homepages of the developers in first line… oh, to mention: PDRoms is fully non-commercial and hombrew developer friendly (we don’t link around in our own network to generate lots of pageviews and display a shitload of commercial ads…).

Wraggster how deep have you fallen? SHAME ON YOU!

He’s also pushing SNES emulation, tho it really doesn’t work that pretty… but well… you have your attention now! Congrats!

Spread the word and make him show who is the community! Teach him a lesson, so he will finally respect and proper link things of others! It’s not only about PDRoms, it’s also about every single homebrewer out there… I bet you prefer getting links to your own page, than having your product added up in his forum without mentioning a source? Right?