Craig released the sixth version of his Doom port. The changes:

Changes:More options, 15% faster.Notes:I made up a version with heavy optimisation which got doom2 running at the speed of doom1, unfortunately it also made it too unstable, i’ll work on that.Saves:They might work, they might not, use the level select. Saves are broken because of an issue with the GCC compiler, I don’t have time to move to ADS, the source code is available, genrally the saves will work until you turn off the console.Games supported are: Doom shareware (doom1.wad)Doom commercial/registered/ultimate (doom.wad)Doom II (doom2.wad) (it is not optimised to run doom2, so some levels may be jumpy)

The ZIP file does NOT contain any WAD files.They are still copyrighted, but if you do not own the original you can get the shareware version of Doom 1 on various shareware pages.Doom v6 – Release Threat