Reesy updated his fantastic Sega Genesis emulator.A looong list of changes:Split screen bug fixed…Hopefully …But if its not, at least you can save your game. 🙂 Added LCD type selection screen. This is for those new gp32s with different LCD’s **************************************** Important, if you have a new blu ( BLU+ as they’re being called) When you first start DrMD the screen will be corrupted, simply go to the menu and then scroll down to the LCD menu option. Then press A or B, this will switch the LCD settings. The screen should now be fine. You should then save the settings, by using the save options function near the bottom of the menu **************************************** Now using Mr Mirko’s SDK Zipped rom support – using ZLIB 2.1 and – UNZIP.H by Gilles Vollant Animated zipped save states – compression done using ZIP.H by Gilles Vollant User definable Genesis pad configuration Triple buffering fixed – hopefully :)FPS monitor option Menu has been tarted up Menu options can now be saved Rom selection screen now uses long filenames found in zip files or filename found using a CRC lookup on the GoodGEN database. Auto region detection fixed Irq callback support added to Cyclone core