DreamCPC by JMD has been updated. This CPC emulator is now in Alpha 2 stage. Changes:

  • Correct the sound render pbm that made it sound so bad : should be better
  • Change the timing method : now the synchro isn’t each frame but every xx frames : a longer frame won’t slow down the emulator as before the emu back fullspeed for most of the games
  • Add a variable sound quality and auto frame skip : if the emu can’t‘still in time’, it down sound rendering quality and add frame skip to try keep a constant frame rate. Not really perfect because most game doesn’t need this trick to be full speed and game with pbm (Robocop…) near more than the time gained with this trick…. Best than nothing :/.
  • Update the Z80 core with the latest PC-CPC core.
  • Add a lot of statistics
  • Lot of code improvement
  • Game now launch without the CPC file extension (ex : toto.bin will launch with run”toto )
  • http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/…