Reesy has updated DrMD for the GP2x. It is a Sega Genesis/Megadrive emulator. Changes:

  • Everybody’s noticed problems when saving data. It seems you need to call the sync() function after writing to a file in order to force linux to finish writing the file. People were losing data because they switched off their GP2X before Linux had written the data to disk. I have now made sure that any fwrite commands are now followed by sync() so we should be ok from now on.
  • Noticed a bug in my code that will crash the emulator if you try to scan more than 512 roms. Never been a problem before as the GP32 only had 128MB cards. The rom limit is still 512 roms but now the code will stop and display a message informing you that you have too many roms. In the next version I’m planning on a new file browser that will allow you to browse to any directory, this is why I don’t want to spend too much time updating the current browser system.
  • Change the menu colour scheme.
  • Removed code that updates the gamma of the menu when you change the gamma menu setting as its a waste of time and looks crap. The gamma setting now only affects the games.