New day… new version :o) But read more:

I’ve got DrSMS to work with pogoshell, I just need to write an exit function to return back to pogoshell. I’ve re-written the character data routine so a few more games work, I’ve also put in some code to check for 200 Byte SMS rom headers ( I had completely forgotten about these ) so a few more games should run. I have also made a change to the background scrolling routines, Because DrSMS is never going to run fast enough to get rasta effects working right I have stopped the emulator changing the xscroll value of the backgrounds before the SMS Vsync. This will allow you to play a load more games without them flickering. I will continue to work on a Vsync option that you can switch on and off, but with the Vsync option”ON”the speed of the emulator will drop drastically. Anyway after I have written my EXIT function I will release another version.