DSOrganize is an Organizer Suite for the DS. Although it is still in early beta, it is quite usable. Current features include: Calendar mode with editable reminders, Day Planner mode with editable time slots, Address Book with vCard support. Currently this can read and write back .vcf files that can be used in Apple’s Adress Book, Outlook in Windows, and probably plenty of other apps in Linux. It does not, however, preserve data that it doesn’t support, as currently there is a bug I can’t trace in this routine, INI file settings, with a configuration screen in the app, Handwriting recognition. Just start a glyph on an empty part of the screen. View the alphabet below for information, Multiple language support, see Sample.lng for usage. Dutch translation maintained by bLAStY and dsboi.http://www.youngmx.com/?loc=ndsdev/DSOrganize