Drakonite has released his remake of Duckhunt for the Playstation 2 to the public. Thanks to Drakonite himself for the news. Here are his release notes:

If you can’t tell I’ve been a little too busy to update my site lately, and the big project I’ve been wanting to announce isn’t ready yet… However I have a nice surprise for everyone! This is the beginning of a quick clone of Duckhunt I’ve created over the past couple days. It’s not very robust (guncon has to be in port 2, etc), it’s no where near complete, and there are likely a few bugs, but I wanted to get this out to see what type of reaction it gets. I had planned to make a nice parady of Duckhunt, including some changes I know everyone wants to see to the original game, while making it look and feel as much like the original as possible to aid in the parady.. however if no one has a guncon and is going to play it I won’t bother doing that much work. I’ll be judging the response I receive from this preview release to decide if I’m going to finish and polish it all up, or patch it up and call it good… But if you have a PS1 compatible guncon, Enjoy!