Drakonite has updated his Duckhunt game! Here are the release notes:

Thursday, 22 December 2005With 130 downloads in about 2 and a half days, I suppose there are at least a couple people out there that want to play duckhunt, though I haven’t heard many comments back from people who have tried it. I’ve just uploaded an update to duckhunt. I didn’t work on it as much as I was planning to this week, however since the christmas season is upon us and I doubt I”ll have time to get any noticable changes done over the weekend I decided to go ahead and post the few changes that have been made. One of the major changes is in the ducks’ behavior. Instead of the set path I had hacked together to get the first preview release done, they are now flying eradically around the screen and are much harder to hit! I was well aware that it was rather strict on how close you had to be to score a hit. I’ve loosed up the strictness a little bit so it’s now about the same as the original duckhunt. Another noticable change is the inclusion of a shot indicator — when you fire and miss there is a small animation showing where you had shot at. I had a couple requests for this and I was wondering it myself, but the original didn’t have it and I’m not sure if I like it… so I’d like to hear feedback. Plenty of other changes though I doubt any of them will be noticable. Enjoy