There is a new developmentcard to use with your GBA. This one makes use of USB and the transfer is faster than on usual carts using a linker. This item might be interesting for you if you want to try the dozens of Freeware GBA productions out here. Preordering is possible from now on… some of the features:

  • Operates on a single USB to GBA link port cable, the most portable fashion device for your package, GBA and GBA SP compatible
  • Realtime clock and calendar built-in, perfect for Pokemon and future RTC compatible games, and also ideal for third-party PDA-like applications
  • Fastest data transfer rate on the market, only 42s needed for reading or writing a 64M game
  • Play small games no greater than 2M directly via cable, no cart needed, best solution for developers, FC emu games and ebook applications
  • Hardware saver support, perfect support for all kinds of current and future saver types, and all games
  • Faster and higher density flash chips mounted, smooth operation for all time critical games, no speed patch needed. And 128M, 256M and 512M cart capacity available
  • The EZFA cable is ready to go for future GBA-Internet interactive applications, more fun you can have with your EZFA