This is a tool to run homebrew EBOOT programs on your v2.0 PSP. It will not run on any other firmware version. It’s very much work in progress, but can load quite a lot of existing EBOOTs. Changes:


  • More compatibility enhancements, bug fixes
  • Better argc/argv handling, prevents a common cause of startup crashes (e.g. PSP Schedule).
  • Made the ‘return to chooser’ function more stable. It now shouldn’t affect how well the next EBOOT loads.
  • Improved file scanning speed – large EBOOTs should load much faster.
  • Added ‘alternate startup parameters’, use this to run Sega Master System emulator which was broken in v0.4.
  • Introduced ‘EBOOT signatures’ : known workarounds for specific EBOOTs should now be turned on automatically, and install location can be automatically checked if a specific path is required.
  • Added support for .init sections, should help avoid a few more startup crashes.
  • Added option to return to EBOOT chooser on final confirmation menu.
  • Version number shown on screen fixed.
  • Lots more info in readme file.
  • Various minor bugfixes.