This is a tool to run homebrew EBOOT programs on your v2.0 PSP. It will not run on any other firmware version. It’s very much work in progress, but can load quite a lot of existing EBOOTs. Thanks to psp-news for the news. Changes:

  • Introduced a configuration file, to allow tweaking of EBOOTs by end-users. See loader085.cfg for details
  • Improved kernel-mode override patching logic – makes a lot more apps run
  • Attempt to kill surplus system threads, for stability
  • Run loader from reserved memory for increased stability
  • Tidied up some memory reuse in ELF section header handling
  • Bundled graphical menu now filters to only display the names of EBOOTs for selection – all the surplus fluff is hidden. Also now handles v1.5 kxploit-style homebrew directory structure
  • Added option to allow L+R+START reset to go back to loader menu, rather than main menu