For all fans or fellowers of the demoscene I want to mention that this years Evoke, one of the larger demoparties in germany, is taking place from August 26th to 28th in Cologne/Germany. They are accepting entries for various systems in the”Wild Competition”, tho you have to be present at the party. If you are a fan of modern computer art, give it a go and party with lots of nice people.


  • every hardware is allowed (e.g. psx/xbox/palm/mobile phones/c64/amiga etc)
  • bring your own hardware!
  • pure animations are not allowed
  • _please_ try to deliver a video of your demonstration
  • maximum running time: 10 Minutes
  • They surly accept PSP and other systems too, just don’t forget to bring your own hardware or screen everythin in advance for easier presentation.