F.O.S.K. is a Fast On-Screen Keyboard-based text editor. Changes:

Most important new features:

  • Save and SaveAs (SaveAs part of Save)
  • Find and Find Next (sutable for dictionaries, just load ENHU.dic 😉
  • vertical scrollbar with changing height acc to the filesize
  • analog joystick-based cursor movement during edit mode
  • auto-scrolling the text in all directions!

    Minor changes:

  • dispAscii added to see what’s available .)
  • Esc/Enter added to the”Find/SaveAs”menu
  • new chars added to the keyboard (<|>)
  • added”Back”to Caps-mode
  • auto-init filename for new file
  • “square”now printed as Rect,
  • ttf vs. Standard font switchable
  • http://fosk4psp.dynamicweb.hu/