rlyeh released a public version of his Colecovision emulator for GP32. Here are the release notes:

– full working savestates and loadstates- full working virtual numeric keyboard- fixed a strange bug related to SMC health. No more clusters lost :-)- improved speed when grabing snapshots (PNG format)- improved compatibility with some odd games (like”Bump ‘n Jump”)- new ability at choosing ColecoVision boot up bios- new ability to stretch screen (full screen, 1.25:1.25)- new adjustable autofire for A and B buttons- new cool icon (thx Antiriad!)- new fast fileselector (able to scan some hundred zipped roms per minute)- new screen stretching support- new sound core from MAME but fixed noise channel- new user interface (fSMS32 style)What’s lacking:- improving noise channel accuracy a little more- adding more missing options- fixing known bugs as usual :-)- slowing the gameplay a bit?- Adam computer support maybe?