Release notes:

It includes two versions – one with fixed point WMA (fast, but very buggy, and generally sounds quite bad when playing WMA, named ffplay) and one with floating point WMA (slow and choppy, but stable, named ffplay_soft). The one you choose won’t affect anything other than WMA and WMV with audio on. The zip also includes sample scripts for running a movie called video.avi (with and without sound) and for running a music file called music.mp3 (with and without a wave display). MP3s run well at 130MHz. DivX runs fine at 200MHz. RM and RAM run OK at 200MHz. WMA and WMV don’t run all that well, but WMV runs OK without sound at 200MHz.Credit to soiaf for the fixed-point WMA, and all his work on that, and everything I hope he does in future, and of course credit to the FFMpeg team.Controls:Select – QuitStart – PauseLeft – Backward 10sRight – Forward 10sUp – Forward 60sDown – Backward 60sY – Toggle Wave DisplayFFPlay documentation and supported file formats are available at,0,0,0,6,1267