Little Fighter 2 for the PSP has been updated. Lua is required. Changes:

This New updates is to test the NPC’sive been working on this since the last release.New Features:Character can walk nowNPc are now characters not Bombs they fight back.Cleaned Up some off the codesGoing to be features:Ive been testing out the new Lua featureSand im looking at the WIFI compatibility I think it possible to send small bits off code through it so that two people can play with each otherusing WIFI.But still lots off work to be doneGoing to add:New menuOptions Ex:SOund, Speed, and Brightness lvlWIFI CompatibilityCharacter Selection screenAdd your own music (with options to change during game play)game play menuthis is all for nowIf any 1 want to share Opinions on what i should out in PsPLF2Please goto my forums at: