3 Weeks In Paradise by Bootlegger, Air Hockey (Final) by Ben Stark, Awexome Cross by ufc and Kuja, Bombs Away by GreenGianT, Clac Q One (Full Version) by Etage97, Critical Velocity by Michiel Kolders, Dragon Ball TR v0.1 by IRXRI, GBAGO v2.0 by Scott Lininger, ISO Snake by Jenswa, Iterum Consentus by Lord Graga, Kitchen Acadamy by Jim&Bong, Malermeister by Bastian Pflieger, Matrix Advance by Darkain Dragoon, Money Match by Kristen Alaimo, Paddle Panic by NeoGeo, Rex – New Mission v0.204 by Andrzej Czyz&Pawel Czyz, Scrilla Forilla by Joss, Scrybble by Matthew Gummo, Sokoban by Juergen W, SpaceTwins by Tomasz Slanina, Surface Advance by Ottavio&Poca Luce, Sushi The Cat by N3TKaT, Taitris (Alpha Version) by Taiyou, Trade Winds by Kevin Bohlmann