After two months of silence I managed to pull a few more files up. Older versions of already avaliable products were replaced by newer ones. The GP32 archive should be almost up to date and should represent an almost complete section of all avaliable freeware.

Crazy Jack (18-09-2004) by JyCet, Edge Pad v0.3 by woogal, Frodo (Beta 12) by Snaff, GP Advance v1.49 by enf65 and Torlus and aliandrana, GP Cruz v0.9 by zophiel, GP Final War v0.6b by mATkEUpON, GP Kash by Chris Toxic, GP Mad MP3 v1.0 by Robert, GP Paint v0.9 by Dalto, GP Quake v0.4 by no_skill and woogal, GP Spout v1.1 by no_skill, Gtris v1.1 by rov, Jenny Thinks by Fit and Bandwagon (GP32 Port by Marq), Laby (23-08-2004) by Yaouank, Mythic Chess v0.6 by Dalto, Nester GPd v1.2 by Scherzo and Dmouse, OpenSNES9x GP v0.3 by Yoyo, PHandy v0.02 by tuskenraider, PixMan GP v1.1 by Aoyama, Samurai v0.2 by Puck2099, SOV v0.2 by Saharoo, SpeccyalK v0.7 by Tyrell, Stairway 2 Heaven v1.02 by Mad Tea Cup, Super GP Ball v0.2 by fagotero, SvOrbis v0.9d by SvOlli, Tubby Toast by Chris Toxic, United GP Viewer v1.11 by aquafish, Virtua Memory v1.0 by VirtuaLeech, yAnl v0.1b by rov