Another file update you might say… and you are right 🙂

GP32 additions:GP OsX v0.4 by Alien8, Minigolf v0.02 by Licantropo, Smash GP v0.2b by mATkEUpON, Tetris by Moogle, Street Fighter II Pong by Hokutoy, Memory GP32 v0.2 by Guyfawkes, Bang GP v0.2 by chemarisGameboy Advance additions:Brik-o by Molton, DrSMS v6.00 by Reesy, Ego GBA by Mainloop, Elite – The New Kind v1.4a by Quirky, FPS Tester by Hornet, GBA Jpeg Viewer v3.0 by Tony Savon, GBA Welt by fl0w, GBA WinS Demo 6 by Francesco Napolitano, GBAGI v2.0 by Brian Provinciano, Goomba v2.1 by FluBBa, Strip Poker by Cesar Cappellozza, Hell Chess v1.0 by Hellhound, Vicepoker v0.1 by Kenzo Kabuto, Hyper Ball N Wall (4 Bits Wall) by JustBurn, Mario Balls by Nrx, Mortal Konsole – Pong Edition by Neil Kemp, Motus Advance v1.0 by Francois Pessaux, Nibbles Advance by Molton, PCEAdvance v6.9 by, Pocket Beeb v1.0 by Quirky, PocketNES v9.96 by FluBBa and loopy, SNESAdvance v0.1f (20-10-2004) by FluBBa and loopy, Looper Advance v1.0 by Chris McCormick, Blue Typhoon In An Orange Storm by Scoopex, Sweet Farina by MoonHazard, Trans Formers (Demo) GBA by Cesar Cappellozza, Androides v0.3 by xFlasH, Air Zonk Demo by Andrew Holbrook, Blocktrap Alpha v0.6 by Francois Pessaux, Cyler by Gener Gabasa, Gadgets by John Copic, GBA Dicebag v1.0 by Sean James, Cute Cube by Hugo Smits, FinalFantasy 2 Demo v0.2 by Ethos, GBA Input by Eric, Jetpack by Pete Gunter, Gridlock v1.0 by Neil McConnell, Impact by Gener Gabasa, Pop by Toby Jaffey, Project Hazuki v0.11 by Allen Ussher, Tris Fighter by Espagnol Pascal, Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) by Mikaus, Quake GBA Homage (3d2) by Tomer ShalevVoxel by Hugo SmitsGameboy Color additions:GB Watch by Johnny13, GB World Map by Johnny13, Rogue LCD v1.0 by Haroldo de Oliveira Pinheiro, Sabinov by Keldon Alleyne and David Kirkland, StefaN by Tomasz Slanina, Wall Defence by Ventzislav Tzvetkov