Another file update in the GP32 section which should make this part of PDR almost complete with any avaliable FREE GP32 production 🙂 Also a minor update in the NGPC and NES section.

GP32yAnl (24-10-2004) by rov, PB Synth v0.1a by Christian Nowak, GP Amp v0.2 by Inopia, GP OsX v0.2 by Alien8, MD2 Loader, Reader v0.83 by Marco Giorgini, Tobi Drummer v1.0.6 by Tobi, Xump v0.90 by Kedo, WWII by Oscar BraindeaD, Neutron Strike by Gav, Nazca Dreams by Nazca, Metal Gear Solid – VR Missions by Locke, GP Max by Festnoz, Memory GP32 by Guyfawkes, Lacuna by Woogal, Deluxe Snake by Fissure, Elena by Franz Lankes, Cave Copter by donskeeto, Bombz (24-10-2004) by skeezix, Blair Wars (07-11-2004) by The Wub, Smash GP v0.2 by mATkEUpON, Bang GP v0.1 by chemaris, GP Cruz v1.0h by zophiel, Ladykiller (Pre-Alpha 1) by Puck2099, Last Resort (03-11-2004) by Kabal, AntiPonG32 v0.5 by chemaris, Buscaminas by Licantropo, GP Final War v0.7 by mATkEUpON, Aka Noid (06-11-2004) by JyCet, Paper Plane v0.1, Rom Arcade by RobertMasterlator GP v0.3 by Christian Nowak, Pituka v0.8e by D_Skywalk, GP Space Invaders Emulator v1.0 by Robert, Atari 800 v0.7 by Mark Watson, Mercs (Beta), SC2 (WIP Demo 3) by iKiNGPCBomberman NGPC v1.1 by ThorNESCopper by Quietust, GZS by Sergey Ryumik, Hot Logic by Eric Wright, NeSnake by Matrixz, Scanline by Quietust, SMW Stomper by Quietust, The Tao of 007 by Quietust