GP32 additionsBomb Jack (Beta 1) by ArRcHEr, Calendar v1.1 by Jon Goten, CyberPong v2 by Cyberbask, Edgepad v0.2 by woogal, fGEN32 (01-07-2004) by rlyeh and Robster, GP Advance v1.45 by enf65 and Torlus and aliandrana, GP Cruz (13-07-2004) by zophiel, GP Paint v0.4 by Dalto, GP Snake v0.1 by Razi3l, GPX Write v0.1a, Icy Tower (12-07-2004) by kuG, KamiKaze v1.1 by Jon Goten, SvOrbis v0.8 by SvOlli, WonderBoi32 v0.064 by rattboi, Commerce Conflict by aquafish, Gtris by rov, GW Tennis by Aoyama, Liquid Seawolf by donskeeto, Pyramids v1.0 by Oankali, Rapid Racer by Anata, Rescue v1.0 by Andreas Gustafsson, Snake LCD by AvsethGBA additionsAtomix (Final) by Michael El-Baki, Beer Belly Bill by Metalvotze, Bridge Racer by Bootlegger, Bytes by eKid, Dragonfear v0.4 by Saidan, Formula Four by Bastian Pflieger, Fred Firefighter by LordGraga, Inbreed Hockey by violator, Monochromancy by Nicholas Scheltema, My Robot v1.0 by Nick Sabalausky, PocketNES v9.93 by FluBBa and loopy, Tri-Chain Memory by Jason HaffnerGenesis additionsMonk&Monkies by Fonzie