Gameboy Advance:1945 by Samuel Adolfsson, 8-Bit 3D Lighting Demo by Robert Parnell, Astrohawk Advance 31-12-2002 by Paul Lay, Berzerk Legends 06-05-2003 by BigRedPimp, Brownian Fade by Decay, Codename – Monkey Bots v0.9 by team Ab Ovo, Deflektor GBA by Foxy, Destined Soul by Edmund Wong, Dragon Tiles v2 by Red5, DrSMS v2.02&v2.03 by Reesy, Dunjunz Advance v1.0 by Daniel Collier, GBA Sound Demo by Brendan Sechter, Hieroglyphic Man by Shen Mansell, Inwaders by GreenGianT, Jewel Crash v0.9 Beta by Daniel Crowley Wilson, Just Another Invaders Game by dox, Keeper v1.1 by Malefactor, Labyrinth (Updated Version) by Rob Blanding, Music Driver Test v0.02 by Magic Touch, Ninja Advance by Cerberus GBA Development, Ninja Bear by DKA Productions, PCEAdvance v2.5 by FluBBa, Plane by tangl_99, PocketGB v0.2a by JustBurn, PocketNES v9.6 by FluBBa, Pong v1.2 by Mark Pereira, Pong-Tor by Tim Cowley, Ports of Call Advance – Concept Demo by A A van Zoelen, Project Future Quest (Old Battle Demo Engine) by ZoneGN, Reversi Advance 19-05-2003 by TeamKNOx, Rotating GBA by Kuja, Snake Clone by Jenswa, The Hand Of God by Kuja, Yet Another Pong Demo by Cerberus GBA Development, ZeroMine Advance 27-05-2003 by TeamKNOxGame Park 32 (GP32):BG Hexa v0.2.1 by bingeun, BG Puyo v0.2.1 by bingeun, BG Tetris v0.2.1 by bingeun, Blister Ball by Brain Postma, Breakout by Brain Postma, BSPlay v0.2 by Brain Postma, CaSTaway GP v11.2&v11.3 by Jeff Mitchell, Connect-4 by clem, Doom v5 by Tom Forsyths&Craig&Guyfawkes, Drop Blocks by Rich, Elf Logic v0.9 by System Gear, Flipit v0.4 by JyCet, Fruit Machine (Preview) by Rich, GP Art v1.0 by Pekele, GPPang v0.6&v0.7&v0.71 by Michel Louvet, iMappy v1.0 by edhel, InfoNES 0.3LQ by Anders Granlund&LQ Soft, Jamidar by Brain Postma, Jatris by Brain Postma, Jump n Bump v0.02a by Michael Heinemann, Nibbles by EpiGP, Park-O-Rama v1.0 by Pascal Bosquet, Pipe Panic (Test Release) by NoBrain2K, Puissance 4 by EpiGP, Speccyal K v0.4b by Tyrell, Speck Invaders by Brain Postma, Tony Targets Beta (27-04-2003) by The Wub, VCS32 v0.1 by Fabrizio Zavagli, Xcade v0.03 by codejedi, XScape by StudioX64Super Nintendo (SNES):Astrohawk 15-05-2003 by Paul LayThis is a very massive update of 71 Files, enjoy!