seemo has created a new game for the Atari 2600. Release notes:

Hi Everyone,here’s Flow, my new game.You have to put red sticks around the blue (cpu) sticks.Move the flashing indicator with joystick in port A, and add sticks pressing FIRE.To score, the sum of red sticks above/below/to the left/to the rightof a blue cell must match the value of the blue cell.When this happens, the blue cell changes color.There’s a running indicator, looping through the matrix : you will see how many loops it has to do, before score is computed, on bottom left corner of the screen.If you change color of every cpu cell, the loop counter will be forced to 0 and a bonus will be added to your score for every unused loop.Every time the loop counter reaches/is forced to 0, new cpu cells are added to the matrix.Game ends when the entire matrix is full of cpu cells.Simone