Ryleh is still working on his ,from scratch done, NES emulator called fNES32. Those next lines were taken from GP32emu:

Atrkid received a new beta of Rlyehs fNES32, a NES emulator for the GP32. Since the last private beta the following has changed: NEW: zip/gzip support (.ZIP / .GZ)NEW: snapshot support (.PNG) (press L+A)NEW: multiplayer support (press L+B). Slow due to SDK, to be fixedFIX: stupid frameskip bug, now its ok and running with fskip 108/05/03NEW: movie recording/loading (.MOV) (press L+START / L+SELECT)BUG: megaman3 intro bug screen origin discovered, but it needs fix07/05/03CHG: updated to infones 0.80jNEW: silences and noise channelBUG: decays, partially fixed, origin discovered.BUG: sound tempo buggy (x2 ?)FIX: palette at right column when horiz scrolling05/05/03NEW: auto load/save SRAM states (.SRM)FIX: no more missing sprites Rlyeh also says that the emulator is about 70% complete, some games dont run fast or have graphics errors but its a matter of time before these are fixed. He will be working on fast multiplayer, more compatiblity, pcm sound channel, fixing gfx glitches, making a new gui and optimizations next. Some really good progress in the emulator especially the multiplayer feature. I will post some screenshots showing the progress a bit later today.

This are just WIP (work in progress) news. There is now download avaliable.http://www.gp32emu.com/