Gamers Galaxy is holding a coding competition for the DS and PSP handheld system. Unfortunately the GP2X is not available yet so it will not be in this competition.The competition is for original Homebrew Games, Applications or Emulators for the PSP or DS system. The competition will close on the 22nd of November which provides plenty of time. Entries are to be submitted to Gamers Galaxy. Winners will be chosen by the public and not Gamers Galaxy staff. All entries will be placed on the forum boards on the 23rd of November and users will vote for their favourite entry. Any entries caught cheating in the voting process will be void.1st Prize: $100US worth of games from the Gamers Galaxy shop of your choice! Plus your own forum on our boards.2nd Prize: 3 UMD movies (Region 1) for PSP or 1 Nintendo DS game.3rd Prize: $25 Gift voucher for the Gamers Galaxy Store.Rules: All entries to be submitted by 22nd of November. Entries are encouraged to have a brief explanation and a screenshot. Multiple entries are allowedalthough only the best entry will win prizes. Entries must be freeware so when the competition ends they can be distributed. The competition will not close unless at least 15 serious entriesare recieved.