Sasq had a rather interesting suggestion/idea and made it public at, a hughe demoscene portal. Read on:

Who is interested in participating in a Relay demo (for GBA)?

The basic idea goes like this:

Someone (me I guess 🙂 codes the first part. The first part should provide a modplayer at some known adress in RAM that is played with interrupts.

When the first part ends it should jump to just after the last byte, with the music still playing, and leaving the system state in a known (and documented) state (for instance, you could leave sprites on the screen spelling out a logo and the font in some tiles).

Anyone can now add a new part to the demo. The new part should use at least some of the previous part(s) data, for instance scroll out the sprites and reuse the font for a later effect – so the new part naturally”blends”with the previous.

The new part is simply attached to the end of the binary.

You could even provide pointers to code for effects that can be reused with different data in later demos.

Now we have a never-ending demo that just grows over time 🙂

(This could of course be done on other platforms, but its easiest on cartbased systems with tile/sprite graphics hardware, so GBA is the obvious choice).

Feel free to be part of this or just tell your opinion.