I got an e-mail from YiFei this morning containing a link to his latest”GBalpha Walkman”demorom for GBA. It includes a music player and an ebook option for eg the lyrics. The music example is some chinese popmusic by an artist I do not know. Here are a few lines from the mail:

It is a very cool music ROM with very good music quality and synchronous lyric. The music samplerate is 44100Hz/swith one channel. The compression rate is 1:5.32 which is the half of the mp3 compression. The codec is developed by YiFei in China. This rom can run in most GBA emulater (VisualBoyAdvance is recommoned) or on real GBA if you have a Flash Card for GBA. This rom and the GBalpha Walkman software were made by YiFei in China. If you are interest this software or the music player in it, please email to YiFei directly.

The e-mail adress to contact YiFei would be”gbalpha at vip dot sina dot com”. The page is in chinese language but I as non chinese found the rom link in less than 30 seconds. So it shouldn’t be a big problem to get it, otherwise you may send an e-mail directly to YiFei.http://www.fxjh.com