Heres a list of the GBA entries the GBAX staff received for the GBAX.COM&GBAEmu coding competition.Games:Alpha Wing, Battleship, Beru, Block, Broken Link, Carbie, Chopper, Coin Quest, Commando Advance, Cutegotchi, Dangerous Xmas, Dragon Tiles, Dvck Hvnt, Fill It Up, Gameland, GBAttaxx, Kasbrik, Keeper, Kunoichi Yami, Lights Out! Advance, M Adventure, Magik Tales, Milos Quest, Nomad 2, Paint Master, Panic At Work, Punto Banco Advance, Reversi, Serp, Skweez, Space Shooter, Sun Invaders, The Server Ninja, The Tragical Historie of Rodion and Rosalind, Wonkie Guy, Wordwise and finally Zoop Zone.Emulators:DrSMS (Master System), PCEAdvance (PC Engine), PocketGB (Gameboy Mono), Punchout (Arcade), ZXAdvance (Spectrum)