Genesis by sougen has been updated. Here are the relese notes:

I have updated the emulator with a feature that even I myself have been waiting for! There’s now an option (off by default since it writes to your memory card) to load/save SRAM (for games like my favourite Shining Force series). Note that this is just SRAM saves. (I’ll be working on full save states next).

To answer some of the questions that have been raised:

  • It will be possible to get full speed or close to full speed emulation on 222Mhz. But this optimisation stage will be the last thing done since stability and compatibility is more important at this stage.
  • It is unlikely that SegaCD and 32X support will make it in any time soon, if at all (since the segacd requires an extra 68k processor to be emulated and the 32x requires the SH2 to be emulated)…
  • Yes, source code will be released at some stage, but not at this time (since its in a really big mess since I’m just learning about the PSP and trying stuff out :P)
  • The features that have been requested are already on my list, so please be patient. If there is a feature that you want that is not listed, then feel free to suggest it.