sougen updated his Genesis emulator for the PSP. Thanks to smiths for the news.

I have put up a new release of PSPGenesis. This is more of a test to see ifpeople still get the random hangs. I’ve play tested the emulator for a few hours without any hangs so it looks like that bug is possibly fixed now.

The main changes in this version are:

  • Fixed random hangs (hopefully!)
  • switched to pspsdk
  • Save state support
  • Preliminary (unoptimized) Screen Scaling
  • (Really ugly) preliminary source release

    Currently you can only save/load to one game slot because I don’t have an in-game ui, but this will be resolved soon when I rewrite the ui. Please see the readme for the in-game controls for saving/loading and screen scaling (Yes, I know it is a bit fiddly to use at the moment)