Many of you might remember a game called”The Great Giana Sisters”. It was developed in 1987 by Chris H?k (Music), Armin Gessert (Code)&Manfred Trenz (GFX). The game was avaliable for Commodore 64 and Amiga.A few people (including myself) created a remake of this alltime cassic game called”Giana’s Return”. We entered it in the GBAX Competition, but didn’t got permission from Armin Gessert in time, to release it. Since there is allready a screenshot floating around (at the GBAX2003 page) we decided to release some Information about the GP32 version.In general the game has 5 worlds where each world is splittet into 5 levels and themed (snow, fire, mountain, cave). The grahpics are completly redone and overworked by Arthus. CHN did all the code, Myth created the leveleditor (he also did”Giana Worlds”a PC remake which was never finished,”Gianas Return”is manly the final version of”Giana Worlds”). My part (Kojote) was to design all the levels and level-beta testing. Finally our Mr. Music”Operator/Sue??composed a few nice chiptunes for oldschool feeling.The game is nearly at the stage we want to have it and of course its allready full playable! As mentioned we are just waiting for the permission to release it to the public. This might take a while. In the meantime you can have a look at the screenshots :)CHN wrote a bit more about the technical stuff behind”Gianas Return”on his page and posted a few other screenshots which aren’t posted here. See related links for a link to CHN’s page!The pics:

Related Links:“The great Giana Sisters”Original Team – Armin Gesserts Company – Manfred Trenz Fanpage – Official Page of Chris H?kImportant Note:Please don’t BUG any of them regarding”Gianas Return”since it’s a remake and they don’t have to do anything with it!!!“Gianas Return”Team – CHN’s Homepage – Myth’s Homepage – Demogroup where Operator is Member ofAnother Note:Myth’s Homepage is horribly outdated! We do not need Leveldesigner for any clone of Giana and there is NO support for”Giana Worlds”or any of the DOS versions! Arthus does not have a homepage as far as i know.