News from Giana’s Return:

Due to the release of Chankast, the first public avaliable Dreamcast emulator running commercial and some homebrewn games: Version 0.1 of Chankast DOES NOT work with”Giana’s Return”. You will come trough the first 2 screens and the title. When you select”Play”the emulator will hang. Please don’t waste your time and our bandwith. In case any emulator can handle Giana’s Return we will let you know.As the”Giana’s Return”beta is already 2 months old: In case you have not tried the game yet, please be patient and wait for the FINAL version which will be out in three to four months. At this time we will also publish the Windows version.The press section has been updated with an article by Mark. Thanks to kedo for submitting the picture in PNG form.