New WIP’s from the game”Giana’s Return”.

Two weeks no WIP news. Shame on us! 🙂 We placed our power on finishing the game instead of updating this page, hopefully you guys out there understand that. The todays hot news: The sixth beta test has been completed today at 2:30am. A few minor fixes were necessary, therefore we need a seventh internal betatest, which will be hopefully done today at night and should be also the really last internal beta test. While reading these lines, you can be sure that the implementation of the Bonus-Stages is allready in progress. A couple of optical goodies were added to the game which gives it even a better look. SoundFX and graphics are on the way to be re-touched. More information soon… this time surly not two more weeks 🙂 – By the way… on the Giana’s Return Webboard there is currently a poll for which platform we should release the game first, make use of your voice 🙂