During the past days there were a couple of WIP news regarding Giana’s Return which is a jump and run game based on”The Great Giana Sisters”which is a well known C64 classic.

News 25th December 2003Another day and more news 🙂 As most of you know”Giana’s Return”is the first game to support the GP32<->DC Link Cable. As proud owner of that cable you can unlock the”Night-Level”as described on WIP news dated 23rd December. This feature will be only avaliable to GP32<->DC Link Cable owners.Also important to mention: There is an official”Giana’s Return”forum hosted by the PD Roms webboards. A link to this forum can be found at the menue bar.News 24th December 2003More news… There is the idea to put a few subgames into the game itself, probably hidden or password locked. Possible sceneries* One level full of diamonds, 30 seconds of time, get as many diamonds as you can get. (Level and concept done)* Long Jump… Giana on a platform and you have to jump as far as possible…* A level full of traps and you have to solve it as fast as possible…News 23rd December 2003Here are good news 🙂 Chris Huelsbeck gave us the permission to include his whole soundtrack from the C64 version of”The Great Giana Sisters”into”Giana’s Return”! In case we make use of it you can activate original C64 sound feeling with a cheatcode. Beside this, six new stages were designed, in fact a complete new world. This world is hidden so you’ll have to find it first, or you can activate it with a cheatcode (this is not decided yet by the team). This world is extremly difficult and as candy you get the power of NOT loosing any items you get during the normal ingame.