As I am at work right now and can’t modify the Giana’s Return pages, I am posting a few”work in progress”news here.

  • The project is still NOT dead
  • The project has a new coder who will stay unmentioned for now. He is currently in the task of recoding the WHOLE game. As he is busy with regular paid work, this task might take a bit long.
  • The project has a new gfx artist who will also stay unmentioned for now. He is currently retouching all the graphics of Giana and will be done with most of the retouching by this weekend.
  • The GP32 version is probably dropped forever, but this is NOT sure yet.
  • There might be versions for Linux, BeOS, MacOS, PSP, Dreamcast, Saturn and other computers/handhelds/consoles. I (Kojote) currently try to contact Armin Gessert again, who is the copyright holder of”The Great Giana Sisters”and who also kindly allowed us to use his trademark, if he wishes to not create the one or other port due to legality issues. We don’t want to harm him and respect him much. Unfortunatly he has not responded to one of my two mails yet.
  • Due to security reasons, the webboard had to be completly deleted. It is too much work to take care of two boards, so a probably new”Giana’s Return”discussion board will be merged with the boards at PD Roms.
  • Stay tuned for more news…