are holding a Boardgame Competition. Deadline is the 12th January 2010. Check out the full announcement via the link below.


1. The competition starts at 01-Oct-2009 and ends at 12-Jan-2010 (full 3 months, x.mas incl.).
The topic is “board games”.

2. The game must be a computer version of an existing board game. For little-known games, please provide a proof.

3. The submissions must be written exclusively for the “GLBasic-Board Games Competition 2009”. It must be new games, created from scratch. Extensions of extisting projects will have to be disqualified when discovered.

4. All submissions must be freeware and stay so. If you submit, you agree that this version of the game can be published as freeware for good. Selling a further development is no problem, though. The copyright stays with the autors. All included media files must have all rights reserverd.