zodttd strikes again! GP2PSX a Playstation emulator for the GP2x has been updated. Here are the release notes:

I’ve updated GP2PSX to version 0.09. It’s a fairly good update though, considering I’ve added a file menu of sorts, and a faster blitter.

Not to mention…Framerate indicator as well as frameskip options! Yay!

But wait…drumroll…there’s MORE! That framerate indicator will now read 60 FPS on some titles!


BUSTER BROS COLLECTION was the first game I tested to run at 50+ (yes PLUS!) frames per second smoothly in gameplay. This is with frameskip at 1 or 3 depending. Not too shabby eh? ;P

I’m testing Final Fantasy Tactics now and there was some graphical issues with the intro screen. Those will be sorted out soon.

Suikoden 1 works now too! I had to slow down the emulator to get compatbility up, and this is one of the newly working games. Otherwise Buster Bros would run at 60 FPS. :/ Also, keep in mind the faster your SD card is, the quicker the ISO buffer will fill, the faster the game will play. I test GP2PSX on a 66X SD card. There’s a 150X card I have my eye on.

There’s plenty of bugs to be fixed, as compatibility is still low. But it’s catching up.

I ask that someone once again starts a compatibility thread for GP2PSX like what was done for the Zodiac version. Hopefully this time we’ll see some working playable games pop up! I’m going to go back to the Zodiac version eventually and fix the bug that was slowing down the emu so much and see if it gets the Zodiac a working PSX emu. If so maybe even hydro thunder will work (nerys!).

So to go into more detail:
1. File Menu – It’s a little corny looking but it works. When GP2PSX loads, you will see a file menu to choose your game. It will only load .Z, .ZNX, and .BIN files. There’s a small bug in it currently that makes it list the .table files without the .table extension. The .table file is always the second file of that name. Anyways, press the X button to choose your game.
2. Games run MUCH FASTER due to a bug I’ve been trying to track down now for ages. It caused the emu to go into a loop doing nothing constantly. This is why the emu went fast but seemed to only show a frame each second.
3. Better support for games – More games are starting to work, or at least begin to.
4. Framerate/Frameskip – Use the volume up/down to change the frameskip. Framerate will appear at the top left of the screen as well. Hope this helps. ;P
5. A faster screen blit / screen stretch – It seems some games I like to play use some of the odder of screen widths the PSX supports, so I kept the stretch function, but made a check to not use it if the screen fits the GP2X, duh.

Grab GP2PSX at: http://www.friggingames.com/gp2psx09.zip

Btw, I’ll see what I can do to get the logo put into the emu. It didn’t make it into this build. :/

Next to come:
– HLE for faster emulation and no need for a BIOS
– Better compatibility
– Faster GPU core.

There’s still room for improvement, but I think this release will show you a good game or two to play, fullspeed. So things are looking up for the GP2X.