ZodTTD has released another new update for his Playstation emulator. Release notes:

Another day, another release… GP2PSX has been updated to v0.33. Grab it at: http://www.friggingames.com/gp2psx033.zip

Even though the version number only went up slightly, it’s still a fairly good release. Performance, sadly, hasn’t gone up much. BUT! Compatibility is WAY up now!

I fixed a bug that made some previously working games not work. This bug made a lot of games not respond to key input as well. So now many more new games are able to work. Every game I threw at it, worked! Street Fighter Alpha 3 worked, Tactics Ogre worked, R Types worked…and so on.

Now that I have this codebase being ported to other platforms, such as the Sharp Zaurus (it runs good on my Z C1000 @ 624MHz), I’ve been able to get even more feedback. So many optimizations and bug fixes to come.

From the readme: UPDATED January 26th, 2006
New in version v0.33:

  • Fixed a bug that caused GP2PSX to crash when the game menu’s current directory had more than about 15 items. The menu system now scrolls.
  • Fixed a very irritating bug that caused a bunch of games not to work. If you had a game hang at the loading screen with a previous release, try it again now.
  • Compatibility is way up.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped input from being processed in the middle of games.

    I’m not sure if a compatibility list is needed, since most games run too slow to be playable. A playable games list might be more appropriate. ;P

    GP2PSX is getting there! ZodTTD

  • http://www.gp32x.com/board/index.php?showtopic=25096