ZodTTD has released another update for his Playstation emulator. Changes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the screen to wrap around the screen vertically. Seen in Ridge Racer and Azure Dreams in v0.33b, now fixed.
  • Sped up the GPU a bit by only drawing frames that changed.
  • Changed the PSX timings a bit more to optimize for the GP2X. You should be able to see speed improvements of some degree.
  • Loading times within games should be quicker.
  • Some minor fixes and touch ups.
  • Movies should play slightly smoother, with sound sync’d a bit better.

    Other notes:

    This small update might give some user’s a decent performance boost, even over v0.33b. I’m hoping the timing changes I’ve made are compatible with the majority of games. If not, let me know. Give it a try, worst is you’ll have to use v0.33b for another few days until a new release is out. ;P

    I’m in the process of sorting the project tasks and getting a time frame on things. Hopefully in the next release or two, some of AntiPasta’s code can be implemented. Unai’s work will take some time, but it will be worth the wait.

    Basically, this is a small release to hold everyone over while I get things together for cooperative work on the project. ;P

    Glad to hear the great results people are getting with v0.33b. Let me know how this onecompares, since I’ll use feedback to determine whether the changes made were a good decision.

    You should see One Piece Mansion’s lil 3D intro. It looks awesome. It runs at 8-10 FPS with 0 frameskip with no overclocking. It still looks pretty smooth and the game is fairly playable as well. – Thanks, ZodTTD

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