The oddbot has modified the bootime of GP2x. It now boots in 14 seconds instead of the usual ~30-40 seconds. Also the NAND is set to read only. Exact details:

  • Very fast boot time – 15 seconds
  • Latest official firmware – version 1.4
  • Read Only – save your precious NAND
  • Automatic menu respawn – recover from crashes
  • Automatic USB Serial console – straight to the system
  • DaveC’s LCD tweaker image – for the best picture
  • Includes Some Useful Software: sterm 0.1 – for hacking on the go, screen – multiple terminals, lrzsz – send and receive files via serial, strace – see what that pesky app is up to
  • WARNING:This is a costum built of the GP2x Firmware/Kernel. It is NOT official and no warranty of any kind is given. Use it at your own personal risk.