GP2xMESS is a port of MESS (Multiple Emulator Super System) to the GP2x. The port is based on the xMESS v0.102 sources.

01/11/06 – 0.6-alpha

  • Added a .cfg for ti99_4a mapping the ‘1’ and ‘2’ keys These can be remapped by the user. cfgs/ti99_4a.cfg
  • Removed .gpe from gp2xmess invocation in driver gpes. Also added sync calls to ensure users’ cfg files are stored to disk. This is only done after gp2xmess exits. gpes/ti_99_4a.gpe gpes/a2600.gpe gpes/a7800.gpe gpes/coleco.gpe
  • Removed logic testing for scroll lock press. This will be backed out once a virtual keyboard is implemented. This allows for modality. Hitting esc in this mode will exit the emulator whereas when turned on it won’t and will be sent to the emulated system. mess/mesintrf.c
  • Removed .gpe extension from gp2xmess executable to keep users from selecting and running it.makefile.gp2x gp2x/gp2x.mak
  • Added apple2 driver and ti99/4a drivers mess/system.c
  • Added apple2 and ti99/4a objs/cpus/sound chips to makefile so I can test them. To support the apple driver means a significant amount of effort to the video system which I’m working on. xmess doesn’t seem to support scaling an image down. The default resolution for the apple II series is 560×192 which is double hi-res. The gp2x is only 320×240. I’m working on the video changes in a new file which will be migrated over. gp2x/gp2x_mess.mak gp2x/ +
  • Added block in driver definitions for gp2x so that I can add single drivers @ a time. TINY supports 1 driver. This log is inside of the TINY macro area. mess/system.c
  • * #ifdef’ed out keyboard handling in fs dlg to only be present for __GP2X_HOST__. Cut down on binary size a little bit. gp2x/gp2x_fs_dlg.c
  • Added volume control using the gp2x volume buttons. The volume down button doesn’t register down events only up in SDL at the moment. So all that can be done is increase the volume. I’m looking into this. gp2x/gp2x_snd.c + gp2x/gp2x_snd.h + gp2x/gp2x_joy.h
  • Added #defines for xmess indexes for gp2x buttons. gp2x/gp2x_joy.h
  • The tiny makefile seemed to have older core mess obj definitions. Copied the core obj defs from the main mess makefile to the tiny one. Binary size is now a little over 3M. It has all of mess’ support stuff in there, most of which is currently unused. gp2x/gp2x_mess.mak
  • Migrated the ‘tiny’ makefile into the gp2x dir replacing the full build for mess makefile. This will slow down build times and vastly decrease binary size. From this point on only drivers I’ve tested will be in the binary. gp2x/gp2x_mess.mak
  • The file selection dialog now starts in the directory that the gp2xmess binary is started in.