Franxis, the guy who will bring MAME v0.32 to the GP32 wrote a few lines about the current state of his GP32 port. There is NO download yet.

02-03-2005:Final Beta-Testing is being done now for the release…The release will have 12 fxe executables: – mclassic.fxe: 500 classics: Pacman, Frogger, Donkey Kong, etc… – matari.fxe: Atari stuff: Tetris, Klax, Gauntlet, etc… – mcapcom.fxe: Capcom: Ghosts’n Goblins, Commando, etc… – mdataeas.fxe: Data East: Shootout, Oscar, Karnov, etc… – mirem.fxe: Irem: Vigilante, Kung Fu Master, etc… – mkonami.fxe: Konami: Contra, Yie Ar Kungfu, Track&Field, etc… – mnamco.fxe: Namco: Motos, Xevious, etc… – msega.fxe: Sega: Zaxxon, Wonder Boy, Pitfall 2, etc… – mtaito.fxe: Taito: Bubble Bobble, Arkanoid, Tokio, etc… – mtechnos.fxe: Technos: Double Dragon, Renegade, etc… – mtecmo.fxe: Tecmo: Bombjack, Rygar, etc… – mothers.fxe: Other ROMs: Snow Bros, Terra Cresta, Ninja Kid 2, etc…In this first beta 687 romsets will be supported. About 90% of the games run at 100% with frameskip 1-2.