Franxis improved his MAME port for the GP32 a lot. The source-code and a binary are available from it’s official page. The changes are:

New MAME GP32 1.3:

By TheGrimReaper (thank you for all your hard work!!!):

  • Support for 22 vector Atari games: Asteroids (rev 1), Asteroids (rev 2), Asteroids Deluxe (rev 2), Black Widow, Battle Zone, Battle Zone (alternate version), Gravitar, Lunar Lander (rev 1), Lunar Lander (rev 2), Major Havoc (rev 2), Major Havoc (rev 3), Major Havoc (Return to Vax), Quantum (rev 1), Quantum (rev 2), Red Baron, Space Duel, Star Wars, Tempest (rev 1), Tempest (rev 2), Tempest (rev 3), Tempest Tubes, The Empire Strikes Back
  • Support for 5 Centipede hardware Atari games: Centipede (rev 2), Centipede (rev 3), Millipede, Qwak (prototype), Warlords
  • Support for a new System 1 Atari game: Peter Pack-Rat
  • Improvements in the analog controls support
  • Sound streaming: Some errors captured to be able to run all games with”Not Emulated”sound option
  • Multiplayer improvements
  • Small changes in the frontend
  • Gauntlet: Improve the display of the game, part of the screen was missing
  • Missile Command: Improve the controls by correcting Up/Down and changing the order of the Fire Buttons

    By Franxis:

  • M6809 and Z80 emulators optimized
  • M68000 optimized and the timing has been tricked to gain some speed
  • Sound streaming: RC Filter removed to gain speed
  • YM2203 emulator: Sound gain and volume corrected in several drivers to be more clear (taken from MAME 0.37)
  • Psycho Nicks Oscar&The Real GhostBusters: Added sound (taken from MAME 0.35b1). However there are problems with new joystick controls code and Psycho Nicks Oscar is slowed a lot when a direction in the pad is pressed
  • Arkanoid: Controls corrected
  • Defender: Change direction with L button
  • Emulator compiled with DevKitARM r13. Compilation parameters optimized
  • Better control of underclock for normal CPU’s and audio CPU’s

    By TheGrimReaper and Franxis:

  • A new option to save the emulator configurations