Franxis improved his MAME port for the GP32 a lot. The source-code and a binary are available from it’s official page. The changes are:

  • Support for 11 Gottlieb/Mylstar games (mclassic.fxe): Q*Bert (US) (qbert), Q*Bert (Japan) (qbertjp), Q*Bert Qubes (qbertqub), FHMC Q*Bert (sqbert), Curve Ball (curvebal), Krull (krull), Mad Planets (mplanets), M.A.C.H. 3 (mach3), Reactor (reactor), Three Stooges (3stooges), Us vs. Them (usvsthem)
  • TheGrimReaper: Support for 7 Sega Vector G-80 games (msega.fxe): Eliminator (2 Players) (elim2), Eliminator (4 Players) (elim4), Space Fury (revision C) (spacfury), Space Fury (revision A) (spacfura), Star Trek (startrek), Tac/Scan (tacscan), Zektor (zektor)
  • Save emulator configuration corrected
  • Paths changed: gp:gpmmmamegp32roms ->Here should be the ROMs
    gp:gpmmmamegp32cfg ->Configuration files
    gp:gpmmmamegp32joy ->Analog Joystick settings
  • Video output function optimized
  • Video frame limiter improved
  • Cuadruple video buffer instead of double
  • Compiled with DevKitARM r14
  • The frontend is not available yet… Help needed, see source code: gp32_frontend.c