Franxis improved his MAME port for the GP32 a lot. The source-code and a binary are available from it’s official page. The changes are:

  • TheGrimReaper: General frontend working !!!. Only a FXE file is needed in GPMM subfolder (mamegp32.fxe). All other FXE’s are placed in GPMMMAMEGP32. Please delete old FXE’s from GPMM folder. NOTE: It is NOT mandatory to use the general frontend, FXE’s can be copied to GPMM and use the emulator like in previous MAME GP32 versions.
  • TheGrimReaper: Source code: Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 support.
  • Franxis: Sound core rewritten to be faster. Please, report possible bugs…
  • Franxis: Corrected slowdowns in Psycho Nicks Oscar.