News taken from GP32emu:

Rlyeh sent me an alpha version of his MAME port, which supports about 9 drivers correctly for now, it supports more games of course but not all fully work (check the related discussion on the message board).Other games are in progress, but the palettes need to be fixed. The games that run for now seem to run great, with no emulation bugs (keep in mind it is a port, not a rewrite), even though speed isn’t 100% yet, andthere is no sound. The good news is, there is zipped rom support.Also, keep in mind this is his very first test version, and is only an alpha. Please do not bug the author, as this is just a test version, and not fully playable. This is just to inform you of the progress 🙂 Here are some screenshots of 1942, Pooyan, Burger Time, Solomans Key, Gunsmoke and finally Ghouls n Ghosts running on the GP32 taken through GeePee32, click on them for a larger image.